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Mira Mesa Emergency Dentist

Mira Mesa Emergency Dentist (858) 566 – 8516. Call 24/7 For All Your Dental Emergencies! Dr Shaheen Tourian, DDS Dr. Tourian is highly regarded by his patients as one of the best Emergency Dentist in Mira Mesa. He is always available to assist you with your dental emergencies 24/7.

As soon as you realize that you’ve suffered a broken tooth you should get in touch with an emergency dentistry professional immediately. Your oral health provider will assess your situation to determine the extent of the damage and prescribe appropriate treatment options.


Categories of Dental emergencies

An emergency dentistry expert will normally categorize your tooth fracture under one of three groups; minor, moderate or severe. The treatment options for each category are different.


Minor Fractures

A minor Fracture is one that does not necessarily need professional intervention. You can continue with the fracture as long as you are comfortable but if you are not, your dentist can restore the tooth with simple procedures such as composite restoration. Even though these cases are unlikely to transform into emergencies, patients are advised to err on the side of caution by exercising caution while chewing and brushing or flowing for a few days.


Moderate Tooth Damage

Moderate tooth damages require more complicated treatment regimens. These are cases in which sections of the tooth such the enamel, dentin or tooth support structures (such the pulp and nerves). In most cases of moderate damage, especially those in which the tooth’s support system has not been compromised, the dentist is able to restore the tooth using a permanent crown. If the root system has been damaged, then this will need to be dealt with before restoration attempts are started.


Severe Tooth Fracture

Severe tooth fractures cause excruciating pain and are often difficult to recover from. Sometimes they necessitate the complete removal and replacement of the tooth. This type of oral trauma often accompanies other body injuries.


Other Oral Injuries

Injuries to the inside of the mouth include tears, puncture wounds and lacerations to the cheek, lips or tongue. The wound should be cleaned right away with warm water, and the injured person taken to a hospital emergency room for the necessary care. Bleeding from a tongue laceration can be reduced by pulling the tongue forward and using gauze to place pressure on the wound.



Not all oral health emergencies result from injuries however. In some cases, dental problems escalate to emergency proportions over time. One such condition is an infection which, over time, damages the tissue and neighboring teeth known as an abscess. Abscesses become dental emergencies when the pain becomes intense and they also have the potential to spread to other sections of the body.


DIY (Do It Yourself) Treatment Options For Abscesses

As with many other health conditions prevention is preferable to the cure. In order to avoid this type of predicament, emergency dentistry professionals advice patients to seek help as soon as they notice painful or painless swellings on the gums that resemble pimples. It is also a good idea to help pull the infection out and alleviate the discomfort by rinsing the mouth with a gentle solution of salt and water.

The prescribed proportion is eight ounces of water combined with half a teaspoon of table salt. This rinse solution should be gently swished around the affected area several times each day.

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